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Why Use a Recruitment Agency?

Using a recruitment agency can help you save time and help your internal staff maintain efficiency. For candidates, an agency can be invaluable in finding you the perfect role.

If you recruit irregularly, internal recruitment is usually an added task which can use up the HR team’s time. For a candidate, a recruitment agency is incredibly beneficial, as they will remain discreet and keep your job search confidential.

Company reasons:

  • Saves time
  • Access to multiple job boards
  • Expertise in the sector
  • Salary benchmarking

Candidate reasons:

  • CV and interview support
  • Professional representation
  • Confidential and respectful
  • It’s free


  1. Saves time

Companies are more regularly using an external agency to help with their recruitment needs. Hiring a recruitment agency to help fill your roles will benefit your internal team immensely. Instead of spending their time sifting through what can be hundreds of CVs for one role, they are provided with top candidates from the recruitment agency. Then it’s just a matter of your staff interviewing with them and seeing who is best!

  1. Access to multiple job boards

Having contracts to multiple job boards is an expensive cost, especially if you recruit irregularly or are recruiting for a large number of different vacancies. Using an agency means that you are able to utilise a larger candidate base through multiple job boards, which is especially useful for sector-specific job boards such as CWjobs for IT roles.

  1. Expertise in the sector

The recruitment consultant you work with will be well versed on what a good CV is, what to look for in a candidate and how to pre-screen then profile candidates. This is especially important when hiring for highly skilled roles, such as Developers, which your in-house team may not be as experienced in hiring within a smaller organisation.

  1. Salary and benefit benchmarking

A recruitment consultant has experience of working on similar roles, meaning that they can help you if you’re not sure what will appeal to candidates. You want to make sure that your benefits and salary package are in line for the role you are looking to recruit for, if you’re offering too little you won’t receive the highest quality candidates.


  1. CV and interview support

Working with a recruitment consultant means they can provide you with invaluable advice on your CV and what you can do to improve it. Even if a recruiter doesn’t have a role for you at that time, they will often help you with any obvious spelling or formatting errors you may have made, to improve your CV for future applications. If you get to interview stage with their client, a recruiter will help give you an insight into what to expect, such as questions they may ask or what they are looking for from their perfect candidate. This means you can put your best foot forward.

  1. Professional representation

An important role of a recruitment consultant is to ‘sell’ a candidate in their best light. They will work with you to find your positives and help you appeal more to the company. A recommendation from a consultant, with a description of your key skills, may fare better than one application amongst hundreds of other applications that they have to sift through.

  1. Confidential and respectful

This is essential when looking for a recruitment agency to represent you. If you’re still in a role and passively looking, a recruitment consultant would never give your details to a company without your consent, so you can rest assured that no-one from your current company would find out until you told them. If you are actively looking, another benefit from working with a recruitment agency is that they would only need to ask for references from your previous employer once. They can then pass these details on to future companies you are looking to apply for.

  1. It’s free!

An obvious bonus to working with a recruitment consultant is that you get advice on CVs/interviews, professional representation and confidentiality, all for free! So what’s stopping you? If you find a new role without them, you can always let them know that you’ll get in contact again when you’re looking for a new role in the future.

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