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Why Use a Specialist Recruitment Agency?

Using a specialist recruitment agency will help you save your time and effort in your search for the best candidate or role. Having a specialist agency to help fill your niche jobs will relieve the pressure on internal teams, especially if recruitment and selection is not their primary role. For a candidate, a specialist agency can make sure that you’re paid your worth for the work you produce.

Greenlight People is a specialist IT recruitment agency in Manchester. We specialise in .NET recruitment, amongst other IT roles. If you’re wondering the difference between a general and specialist recruitment agency and why you should use the latter, this blog will help.

Company reasons:

  • Knowledge of the skills required
  • Knowledge of the candidate’s expectations
  • Access to specialist job boards

Candidate reasons:

  • Special relationships with companies
  • Advice on CV and cover letter writing
  • Salary advice and benchmarks


  1. Knowledge of the skills required

Simply put, a specialist recruitment agency understands the role and what kind of candidate you are recruiting for. A specialist IT recruitment agency will be used to finding candidates with similar skillsets and may already have a database of suitable candidates. Additionally, the quality of CVs you receive from a specialist recruitment consultant is usually higher. This is because rather than taking a candidate’s CV at face value, they can ask more in-depth questions about the candidate’s knowledge and what projects they have worked on.

  1. Knowledge of the candidate’s expectations

This is an important aspect of recruitment, especially within the IT space. As the industry suffers from a huge skills shortage, it’s not enough to offer basic benefits and a mediocre salary, if you’re looking for the best candidates. For 34% of candidates, benefits are the most important consideration before accepting a role with a company. A specialist recruitment consultant knows the average salary expectation for the level of IT talent and can work with you to develop a benefits package which will truly appeal to the candidates you’re looking for.

  1. Access to specialist job-boards

Having access to sector-specific job-boards is invaluable to find the right candidates for your roles. Having to sign up to and monitor multiple job-boards is an expense of time and money that a number of companies can’t afford. This is especially true for smaller companies that have perhaps one member in their in-house team. However, with a specialist recruiter, they will have access to the specialist job boards which are relevant to your industry. Though general job boards such as Indeed are a good option for some roles, in a tight labour market with niche roles you will need those specialist boards.


  1. Special relationships with companies

Working with a specialist recruiter means they may already have established relationships with companies that hire candidates like you. If you’re a .NET Developer working with a specialist IT recruitment agency, they can directly recommend you to employers who may not be actively looking but are still interested in finding talented candidates.

  1. Advice on CV and cover letter writing

A general recruiter can give you general advice about how to make a good CV. However, with more technical or niche roles, often the information included has to be more detailed to showcase your abilities. For example, a .NET Developer CV would be different from a Sales Executive CV as you would include a portfolio and have examples of the technologies used for each role listed. A specifically tailored .NET Developer CV is more effective at showing off your key skills and knowledge of languages, meaning that you are more likely to have interviews offered.

  1. Salary advice and benchmarks

Everyone wants to be paid their worth. Speaking to a consultant at a specialist recruitment agency will help you to gauge the salary you should look for in your next role. Whether you’re a graduate looking to take your first step, or an experienced professional looking to take your next one – a recruitment consultant with experience of hiring in your area will only benefit you.