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Why Use Us As Your Recruitment Agent?

Why Use Us As Your Recruitment Agent?

Why select Greenlight People as your Recruitment Partner?

We have the depth of experience you would expect across multiple industries.

We act exclusively as agents for an ever-growing list of professionals planning their next career moves.

Our processes are robust enough to filter and present you with the best shortlist quickly.

We are tenacious searchers of talent on behalf of our clients.

We take great strides to understand our clients and the sort of mindset & skillsets they need.

Our services are competitively priced to build relationships & ensure repeat business.

These are all things you might expect of any quality recruitment consultancy, but we offer more than just the normal.
We also
Specialise in IT Recruitment & use our relationship with sister company Greenlight Computers to assist in the testing and qualification of candidates.

Offer new and innovative contracting approaches preferring a “Pay as they Stay” model over the traditional “Placement & Rebate” model.

Offer a bespoke Talent Pooling service to our loyal clients.

Believe we have the largest talent pool of .Net Developers in the UK.

Contact us today and see if we can make a difference to your business. Thank you